Laundry Product

Liquid Laundry Detergent Product

Mosa Professional Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Optical  Brightener makes your clothes clean, bright, vibrant and colorful
  • Contains active to prevent the redeposit of stains on clothes
  • Neutral pH, suitable for both hand and machine wash
Size : 3.8 L.

Fabric Softener Product

 BG02 Mosa Professional Fabric Softener

  • Specially  formulated  with  advanced  technology using  Encapsulated Fragrance , these microcapsules  are  embedded  in  fabrics  during the  washing  process  and  then  released  the scent  overtime  with  every  movement  during the day
  • Contains Optical Brightener to keep fabric’s color bright and not dull
  • Easy and smooth to iron. Clothes will be fluttering and not blighted

Scents: Sensual Pink, Charming Violet, Passion Blue and White Floral

Size : 3.8 L., 20 L.