Personal Care Product

Hair Care Product

Vearla Professional  Herbal Shampoo

  • Enriched with 7 natural herbs extracts that clean and replenish your hair without irritate your hair and scalp, leaving your hair  silky and supple

Scent : Forest and  Ylang Ylang

Size :
Forest 3.8 L., 20 L.
Ylang Ylang 3.8 L.
Vearla Professional  Conditioning  Shampoo

  • Condition and nourish your hair with 7 natural Herbs Extracts
  • Make your hair soft, shiny, manageable and look natural

Scent : Natural and Botanic

Size : 3.8 L.
Vearla Professional  Nourishing  Shampoo

  • Nourishing shampoo enriched  with  olive  oil and  egg  protein  helps  to  moisturize  and  deeply  nourish  your  hair,  leaving  your  hair soft,  shiny,  manageable  and  look  naturally healthy
Size : 3.8 L.

Vearla Professional  Nourishing  Conditioner

  • Nourishing conditioner enriched  with  olive  oil and  egg  protein  helps  to  moisturize  and  deeply  nourish  your  hair,  leaving  your  hair soft,  shiny,  manageable  and  look  naturally healthy
Size : 3.8 L.

Body Care Product

Vearla Professional  Balancing  Shower Cream

  • Clean, refresh  and  hydrate  your  skin  with moisturizer  and  Vitamin E
  • Leaving  skin  radiance,  silky  softness  and healthy look
  • Cleanse  thoroughly sun screen lotion or body oil

Scent : Touch Scent

Size : 3.8 L.
Vearla Professional Moisturizing Shower Cream

  • Clean, refresh  and  moisturize  your  skin
  • Suitable  for  all  skin types
  • Premium  fresh  scent

Scent : White Sweet, Mulberry Perl  and  White Musk

Size : 
White Sweet 3.8 L., 20 L.
Mulberry Perl and White Musk 3.8 L.
Vearla Professional  Moisturizing  Shower Gel

  • Cleanse, refresh  and  moisturize  your  skin
  • Suitable  for  all  skin  types
  • Premium spa scent

Scent : Ylang Ylang

Size : 3.8 L.

Hand Care Product

Vearla Professional  Herbal Liquid Hand Soap

  • Enriched  with 7 natural  Herbs  Extracts  clean and  refresh  your  hands  without  irritation
  • Premium  fresh  scent

Scent : Natural and Ylang Ylang

Size : 3.8 L.
Vearla  Professional  Liquid Hand Soap Color & Fragrance Free

  • Clean  your  hand  without  any  chemical residue
  • Color & Fragrance free,  suitable  for  food industry
  • Enriched  with  biodegradable  raw  materials
Size : 3.8 L., 20 L.
Vearla  Professional  Berries Extract Liquid Hand Soap

  • Mild  formulation  Hand soap,  enriched  with 4 Berries  Extracts
  • Cleanly  cleanse  your hands  without  irritation

Scent : Mixed Berries

Size : 3.8 L.
Vearla  Professional Moisturizing  Liquid Hand Soap

  • Gentle  moisturizing  hand  soap  cleans  and retains  skin’s  moisture  balance
  • Suitable  for  all  skin  types
  • Premium  fresh  scent

Scent : Pink Pearl  and  Orchid

Size : 3.8 L.
Vearla  Professional Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

  • Antibacterial  liquid  hand  soap
  • Effectively  reduce  the  accumulation  of bacteria  with 0.2%  Triclosan
  • Suitable  for all  skin types
  • Enriched  with  biodegradable  raw  materials

Scent : Fresh  scent and Color & Fragrance free

Size : 3.8 L.
  Vearla  Professional Heavy Duty Hand Soap

  • Effectively  Clean  heavy  dirt, grease oil, stubborn stains
  • Leave your skin clean,  soft  and  moisturized without  any  irritation
  • Can be used on both wet and dry hands

Size : 3.8 L.